19.04.2021 - Products

Introducing D2B® -“Designed to Build®"-, ArcelorMittal Construction brand-new range of high-performance prefabricated “turn-key” solutions. This range has been developed to meet market requirements for faster construction and installation on site.

D2B® Promisol® and D2B® Archisol® are the first two products of this range. These two solutions are waterproof curtain wall constructive systems that combine pre-assembled high-performance insulating sandwich panels with innovative mounting solutions and a wide range of architectural finishes. This new prefabricated system is suitable for the construction of commercial buildings, offices as well as individual and collective housing and more.

Building with D2B® is faster, cost efficient and sustainable. The system reduces construction lead times by 50%, optimizes implementations costs and allows greater operational management of time and workforce.

Prefabrication solutions such as D2B® minimise the waste generated on site. The high thermal resistance achieved with D2B® of up to 9.43 m².K /W improves building comfort and reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint during its use.  Steel grants the possibility of creating unique facades throughout the lifecycle of the building, allowing reuse and recycling, actively participating in the concept of circular economy to protect the environment.

D2B® offers great flexibility when it comes to design. From a wide variety of compatible exterior colours and skins with D2B® Archisol® and external facings with D2B® Promisol®, the possibilities are endless. In addition, D2B® will allow you to reinvent your façade in the future.

Our systems comply with all regulations: airtightness and water tightness, wind loads, seismic actions, fire, impact. D2B® comes with the support of our experienced technical teams and design experts who are available to assist you on every phase of the project.

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