01.06.2021 - Miscellaneous

Professional equality between women and men: proactive action plans

For ArcelorMittal Construction France, being a woman in the steel industry should no longer be an exception.

Attract female talent
ArcelorMittal Construction France aims to support equal opportunities and further expand its talent pool by recruiting and promoting women within its structures. Various actions are carried out locally to promote the steel trades in order to encourage women to join the company, particularly in the Meuse.

89 points out of 100 on the professional equality index
At the end of February 2021, ArcelorMittal Construction France published its 2020 index of professional equality between women and men.

The average index of ArcelorMittal Construction France is 87 points out of 100, in accordance with the calculation method provided by the Ministry of Labor.
This score for 2020 marks a slight improvement: +2 points compared to the 2019 index. This improvement is due in particular to a better performance on equality of promotions, as well as a reduction in residual pay gaps.
ArcelorMittal Construction France employees benefit in particular from good performance on the following criteria:
- No difference between increases granted to women and men: 20 points out of 20
- No difference between promotions granted to women and men: 15 points out of 15.