03.03.2022 - Miscellaneous

Index of gender equality in the workplace: ArcelorMittal Construction France consolidates its score at 86 out of 100



February 24, 2022 – Since 2019 and the introduction of this indicator, ArcelorMittal Construction France has maintained the professional gender equality index at a high level.


For the year 2021, the ArcelorMittal Construction France index thus stands at 86 points out of 100 (-1), in accordance with the calculation method provided by the Ministry of Labour.

The employees of ArcelorMittal Construction France benefit in particular from good performance on the following criteria:

  • No gap between raises and promotions given to women and men.
  • Few pay gaps between women and men
  • Individual increases systematically granted upon return from maternity leave.

This reflects our commitment to give women their full place in our teams. ArcelorMittal Construction France offers exciting jobs, open to both women and men. In France, our workforce is more than 14% female and we are working to increase this share.

The ArcelorMittal group as a whole aims to double the share of women in management positions to 25% by 2030.