D2B® Canopee

The D2B® Canopee concept is a prefabricated balcony system, easy to assemble and integrating all the elements necessary for its installation.

Thanks to its lightweight design, the D2B® Canopee does not require a ground-intrusive foundation or any complementary structure. The system makes it easy to receive the guardrails chosen by the architect, which will be mounted on the ground and placed on its final attachment points. Later the finished balcony is lifted using the lifting rings provided for this purpose.

In order to reduce the environmental footprint of your buildings, we offer you a balcony solution without any impact in their thermal performance calculation, with a self-stabilizing frame in durable hot-dip galvanized, fully recycled steel. The terrace is decorated with wooden decking from sustainable and certified forest management.

  • Maximum width: 6 000 mm
  • Maximum cantilever span: 3 000 mm
  • Reaction to fire: A2-S1-d0 (enough for residential projects of any height)
  • Compatible with projects for people with reduced mobility: steps lower than 20 mm
  • Watertight: with invisible integration of rainwater evacuation
  • High durability: Up to 20 years warranty

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