Globalroof® CIN 321BP

CIN 321 BP  is a flat roof system made of roof steel deck and an inner face of perforated structural trays.The system has good acoustic absorption and is recommanded for a nice ceiling appearance.


  •  Structural Tray Hacierco C perforated P in thickness 0.75mm
  • Panolène cladding  70mm thick (Isover - black glass veil)
  • Roof deck Hacierco thickness 0.75mm
  • Mineral wool thickness 140 mm
  • Multi layer bituminous waterproof membrane

Performance and characteristics

  • Acoustic absorption αw = 0.95
  • Thermal transmittance Up = 0.23W/m².K estimated
  • Weight: 45kg/m²
  • Spacing: 28cm
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