Globalroof® Toptherm 15 Ondastyl T

Globalroof Top Therm 15 Ondastyl T is a double skin system for slooped roof consisting in a structural tray Hacierco® as inner facing and a insulated sandwich panel Ondastyl® as wheather facing. The system offer an estimated thermal performance of Up 0.15W/m².K.


  • Non load-bearing Tray Hacierco C 500.90 non perforated or perforated type P, thickness according to the span
  • Glass wool or mineral wool, thickness 90mm (in the bottom of the tray)
  • Airtight vapor barrier foil
  • Purlin Multibeam on cleats
  • Glass wool or mineral wool thickness 140mm (unrolled between purlins)
  • Sandwich panel Ondastyl T 120mm

Performance and characteristics :

  • Thermal transmittance Up = 0.15W/m².K
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