Eklips A

The Eklips A 39 and Eklips A 45 profiles are suitable for use with Adiwatt's Prima and Optima mounting systems for optimal installation of framed photovoltaic modules in landscape mode.

Eklips®, Optima & Prima solutions are designed and manufactured in France.

About Optima:

  • The Optima system is directly attached to the roof structure, so no stress is applied to the roof
  • No differential expansion between the bridge, the rail and the Eklips A profiles thanks to the use of steel
  • The system is made entirely of corrosion-resistant Magnélis® or Z600 steel
  • The design of the system allows for purlin attachment and is suitable for the photovoltaic modules listed in the technical certification (ETN)
  • Optima system's bridge with its waterproofing gasket adapts to Eklips A 39 and Eklips A 45 profiles and is fixed in place of the existing jumper
  • Optima provides 9.6 cm of ventilation under the modules and ensures excellent productivity and a longer lifespan of the photovoltaic modules
  • A 3rd rail per module can be added in order to increase the distance between panels, upon validation by Adiwatt's technical teams

About Prima:

  • Prima rail is made of Magnelis® steel, resistant to corrosion
  • No differential expansion between the rail and the Eklips® A profiles
  • The Prima® system is easily and safely installed using self-drilling screws
  • The fastening system reduces assembly work for faster installation by one person
  • Pre-drilled, one-size-fits-all packaging ensures optimized and simplified logistics
  • Easy and cost-effective grounding directly to the rail using the fasteners
  • Prima offers a 9.6 cm waterproofing and ventilation under the modules for better productivity and lifetime of the modules
  • Certification for the Prima® system with our Eklips® A profiles
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