Eklipstherm A

Eklipstherm A is a PIR roofing sandwich panel designed for the implementation of Adiwatt's Optima® solar mounting system. 

Eklipstherm A launches the range of steel roofing sandwich panels compatible with solar mounting systems validated by ArcelorMittal Construction.

Eklipstherm A sandwich panels are validated for foam thicknesses from 30 to 140 mm.

We are partners in obtaining a joint technical certification with the CSTB for the Optima® solar mounting system with our Eklipstherm A panels.

  • Module mounting in landscape mode, suitable for the photovoltaic modules listed in the technical certification (ETN).
  • The Optima® system allows fixing directly into the roof structure, so no stress is applied to the roof. Our technical datasheet takes into account the panel mounting phase.
  • The Adiwatt Design software allows to carry out the study of the project in complete autonomy. The Adiwatt technical services will validate this study before ordering.
  • The use of Magnélis® steel for the Optima® process avoids any problem of differential expansion between the rail and the Eklipstherm A panels.
  • Optima® offers a 9.6 cm watertightness and ventilation under the modules for a better productivity and life span of the modules.
  • Eklipstherm and Optima® solutions are designed and manufactured in France.
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System Eklipstherm A-Optima
System-Eklipstherm A -Optima-modules
System Eklipstherm A-OptimaSystem-Eklipstherm A -Optima-modules

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