Coque MD® Evolution

Coque MD is an open joints wall metallic cassette, reinforced with a polypropylene honeycomb and a back sheet of steel, intended for the realisation of flat facades. It is implemented through notches located in its vertical folds on supporting rails fitted with adjustable brackets.

  • Can be used for cladding facades on masonry, concrete walls or timber frame houses, including blind walls or with openings
  • Suitable for new construction as well as for rehabilitation
  • Installation in seismic zone
  • Hollow joints from 3 to 30 mm
  • Very discreet bracket axis
  • Invisible fixings
  • Removable, a Coque MD panel located in the middle of the facade can be changed without removing a complete row of cassettes (or complete gable wall) with a vertical hollow joint of 10/15 mm and the locking of the cassette by setting opposition of the stirrups (Except by horizontal grid on 3 supports)
  • Watch the assembling of a family product Coque MD in video
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