Etnic is a range of 6 sidings with differentiated geometries whose association makes it possible to give the façade a bare code effect. The 95° folding results in a rectangular wave, hence the visual impression of a barcode. Their multiple and unlimited combination makes it possible to give a distinctive character to the facade.


  • Validated by CSTB, according to " Cahier N°3747 dated May 2014" 
  • Can be used on massonery, on twin skin system for new building or for refurbishing
  • Rain screen system
  • Installation on sismic area
  • Fire: incombustible
  • Pre-painted steel, stainless steel 1 mm, aluminium 1.5 mm
  • Secret fixings
  • Vertical and horizontal installation
  • Six types of siding can be associated together: 
    • Etnic type C
    • Etnic type CD
    • Etnic type D
    • Etnic type GCD
    • Etnic type GC
    • Etnic type G
    • Can be used with  ST300 type HZ and ST600 Evolution type HZ
  • Maximal length 2900 mm
  • Perforation possible on request
  • Other widths and geometries possible on request
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