Globalwall® IN 227

Double skin system with an inner structural tray and an external weather Trapeza steel profile of minimum 1.25mm horizontally installed. The system gives excellent sound insulation.

1- Hacierba Tray

  • Thickness 1.25mm
  • Or 2+3 Mineral wool thickness 200mm minimum : 100kg/m³ minimum

4- Intermediate spacer Oméga to get 300mm between 1 and 5

5- Profile Trapeza

  • Thickness 1.25mm
  • Sound reduction index Rw(C;Ctr) = 54(-2;-7) dB
  • Thermal transmittance Up = 0.30W/m².K estimé
  • Weight: 49kg/m²
  • Spacing: 30cm. not including the height of the external weather profile
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